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This site is dedicated to the talented and gorgeous actress Beth Riesgraf. She is best known as Parker from TNT hit series ‘Leverage’. She has guest starred on a few popular TV shows and has also written and directed an award-winning short movie. In addition to acting, writing and directing, Beth is also a professional photographer.

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The astronauts of Moonbase Genesis discover that their funding has been cut and scramble to find a new source of revenue: Hollywood.


Featuring Beth Riesgraf, Greg Behrendt, Erika Christensen, Jane Edith Wilson, Robert Yasamura, & Casey Washington.

Marica   Dec 12, 2013

I probably should have posted this right after it happened but I was just so giddy and excited that I forgot 😆


Also thanks so much to everyone for all the comments and votes. I appreciate it :)

Marica   Dec 12, 2013

Caper is a new digital series calling itself an “original superhero comedy” that follows a group of heroes who realize that in order to make ends meet and pay some bills, they’re going to have to go undercover as the very criminals they fight against in order to plan the ultimate heist. The show stars Abby Miller (Justified, It’s Not You It’s Me), Beth Riesgraf (Leverage, Criminal Minds), Hartley Sawyer (Glory Daze, Young & The Restless), and Harry Shum, Jr. (Glee), and is being brought to life by the phenomenally talented folks over at Geek & Sundry, the digital entertainment company spearheaded by actress/writer/producer/geek Felicia Day. I had the privilege of visiting the set of Caper and got a chance to talk to the creative team behind this clever new series.

Marica   Dec 10, 2013

In 2011, Beth appeared on an episode of ‘NCIS’. She played Maxine, a computer geek. I added 190 HD screencaptures to the gallery. I will try and have the episode description and clips up by tomorrow.

Marica   Dec 8, 2013

Amy Berg wrote some of our favorite episodes of Eureka, Leverage and Person of Interest — and now she’s creating a new digital series about superheroes who turn to crime, called Caper. She told us why superheroes would want to steal, and how to portray supers on a Youtube budget.

Spoilers ahead…

Berg created Caper for Geek and Sundry, Felicia Day’s digital network and Youtube channel, and the first episode ought to launch early next year.

The show stars Leverage‘s Beth Riesgraf, Glee‘s Harry Shum, Jr., Justified‘s Abby Miller, and Glory Daze‘s Hartley Sawyer. The show is directed by Donald Murphy, who’s worked with the Coen Brothers and Oliver Stone. And in a nutshell, it’s about a team of superheroes who have a hard time making ends meet, because there’s no money in saving the world — so they decide to commit a heist in secret.

True to its name, Caper is basically a heist show, says Berg. It’s “a crime show that happens to feature superheroes as the lead characters,” rather than a show about superheroes.

In fact, when the show’s super-team pulls off its heists, they’re not in costumes — they just wear ski masks and nondescript outfits, when they’re being “bad guys.”

Marica   Dec 6, 2013

This rather awesome info-graphic about gender inequality in film has been making the rounds on the inter-webs. It touches on an issue that was on my mind when I was writing the script for Project Moonbase. I was also thinking about where women will be socially and culturally when my daughter is a grown up. I extrapolated that women will continue to move into roles of authority but like present day will still be dealing with idiots who haven’t gotten the memo re: equality. Also, I’ll just out myself as someone who thinks women are just funny as men.  So, in successive drafts and casting we took the approach that we needed to have great parts for women who, at first glance, appear to be stereotypes (i.e. Bikini Team). However as time passes we see them as flesh and blood (or cyborgs).

The character of Commander Cameron Lake draws inspiration from all the other captains and commanders of science fiction like Kirk, Janeway, and Commander Adama. How will our Commander cope when forced to lead a group of nincompoops on a journey through the universe? She’s serious, smart and tough minded. As we release more scenes from Project Moonbase you’ll see a bold explorer and scientist who is reminded over and over again that she’s also human. Also, without fail, when she’s stressed or under fire there MIGHT BE HAIR OUT OF PLACE. But just one. She’s a lady after all. -M.J. Loheed

Source: Moonbase Genesis

Marica   Dec 3, 2013

Hi everyone! After working really hard on the site the last couple of weeks I can finally announced that Beth Riesgraf Daily is up and running.

Check out the extensive gallery with over 19,000 images and more to come and surf the site to find out more about Beth.

Let me know what you think by either voting in the sidebar or you can leave a comment. Also, if there are any errors please let me know.

Enjoy :)

Marica   Dec 2, 2013
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